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Welcome to the Becker’s Blog. Consider this as your home base to gain valuable insights from other educators in the early childhood education space as well as our early learning experts here at Becker’s. You’ll find educational tips, ideas, news, and more!

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Are You Ready for a Culture Shift?

Thoughts on the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education.

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Six Recommended Book Sets for Multicultural Children’s Book Day

Six of our favorite book sets that celebrate diversity... take a look!

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No Excuse for Not Including Art in the Classroom

Let go of excuses and allow your students’ creativity to shine!

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Why Big Body Play is Important for Children

What is Big Body Play and why is it important for children in the classroom?

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Scenes from NAEYC's Annual Conference

Highlights from the Becker's Booth at NAEYC in Atlanta. Take a look!

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Infant Discovery of Object Permanence

Are you allowing infants to practice object permanence in the classroom?

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Classroom Adhesives: Which Ones Do You Need?

Not all classroom tape is created equal! Here are some must-have tape for teachers.

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Toddler Storytime Strategies

Looking for toddler storytime ideas? Take a look at these strategies for reading to toddlers.

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Incorporating Dramatic Play and Literacy in Early STEM

Three products that combine drama and literacy into early STEM teachings.

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