Becker’s Guide to Educational Gifts for Preschoolers

By Becker's

We think you’ll agree that the gift of learning is the best gift of all. When shopping for young children this holiday season, consider these educational toys and games for preschoolers.


Educational Gifts for Preschoolers



If you’re looking for an educational music toy, Octotunes is a soft, stuffed octopus toy safe for babies. With eight colorful tentacles, composed of different textures and patterns, a different musical note can be heard from each when squeezed.


Nature Dough Rollers

Give the gift of art this season with these Nature Dough Rollers. Grab some playdough and let the art commence. Children will love using these dough rollers to create patterns and prints in dough, sand, and dirt. Super easy for young children ages 2+ to use.


Basket of Babies

Toys that foster social-emotional learning make for truly thoughtful gifts. This set of soft multicultural dolls for babies will teach children about children of other ethnicities. So, while they’re cuddling, squeezing, and loving these dolls, they’re learning diversity and acceptance of those who are different.


Spinny Pins

Open-ended, sensory play toys make great educational gifts! These spinny pins are fun while also encouraging fine motor skills, sensory exploration, and early experimentation.


Spiral Tower

Eco-friendly toys can help us all feel good about protecting our environment. Made of eco-friendly material, the Spiral Tower is a fun 7-tier tower children can watch bead-filled marble go from the top to the bottom with an audio effect.


Stack and Roll Balance

We’re all about promoting toys that introduce STEM concepts to young children, so we’d be remiss if we did not recommend at least one STEM toy as a gift! These colorful elephant blocks offer many opportunities for children to get creative while learning a foundational skill. This educational toy is good for children 18 months+.