Picture Prompts

Art and Literacy Activities for Preschoolers


We’re probably all familiar with writing prompts and story prompts but what about picture prompts? What might that look like?

Learning Domains:
Creative Arts Expression; Logic and Reasoning
Materials Needed:
Old catalogs or magazines
Drawing paper
Crayons, pencils or markers
Glue or tape
Prepare a Picture Prompt by cutting out random pictures and gluing or taping them onto drawing paper - one picture for each piece of drawing paper. Make a variety of different themed prompts so children can choose one that interests them.

Tell the children that there’s something special in the art area today. Instead of plain drawing paper, there’s Picture Prompt paper. Encourage your students to select one that appeals to them and tell them it’s their job to complete the picture. The only rules are that they can draw anywhere on the paper except directly on the cut out picture. When they are finished their creations, invite them to dictate to a teacher/parent or write a sentence or two about their drawing.


 Picture Prompts Image 1 
 Picture Prompt Image 2 Picture Prompt Image 3