Button Flowers

Button Flowers Art Activity

Create decorative flowers using colorful craft stems and buttons.

Create decorative flowers using colorful craft stems and buttons.


Preschool, Early Elementary


Learning Domains

Language, Fine Motor, Social Emotional, Math



Craft stems



Ready, Set, Create!

Activity Step 1Place all of the materials out on your tray or work surface.


Activity Step 2Organize the buttons in groups from largest to smallest.

Button Flowers Process Art Activity


Activity Step 3Show children how to thread a craft stem through a hole in the largest button. Then, do the same with the next largest button, and so on, until the child adds their smallest button.


Activity Step 4Push all of the buttons down until there is enough craft stem at the top that the child can fold it over and thread it through another set of holes in the buttons.


Activity Step 5Children can twist the leftover stems together to secure them.


Activity Step 6To add leaves, children can either bend part of their long stem into a leaf shape and twist, or cut another stem into smaller pieces and twist them into leaf shapes.


Activity Step 7Use your colorful craft stem flowers to decorate your classroom or home!

Button Flowers Process Art Activity



Engage Children in Conversation

Comment on what you observe, such as “I notice you used all red buttons." or “What do you think will happen if you add the smallest button first?”

Ask children open ended questions that encourage critical thinking, such as:

Which color craft stem will you use for your leaf?

Will you use all of the same color buttons or different colored buttons?

Will your flower have many leaves or one leaf?

For very young children, try asking “either/or” questions, such as;

Are you using the green or the yellow button next?

Will your flower have one leaf or two?



This activity encourages children to sort by size, and they can also sort by color.

Children can decorate a vase or pot and fill it with button flowers, or glue their flowers to a drawing of a field, vase, or other place where one would find flowers.



Orange LightbulbUse buttons with large holes or very large buttons for younger children, or those with fine motor challenges.