Tape Art

Tape Art Craft Activity

Tape Resist Art Activity for Kids

Use tape and paint to create shapes, designs, and even letters!

Use tape and paint to create shapes, designs, and even letters!


Preschool, Early Elementary, Toddlers (with modifications)


Learning Domains

Literacy, Fine Motor, Language, Cognitive/Math



Colored tape (painter’s tape works best)

Canvas, cardstock, tagboard or construction paper


Shallow dishes

Paint brushes



Ready, Set, Create!

Activity Step 1Cover your work surface with a tablecloth or table paper for easy cleanup.


Activity Step 2 Pour small amounts of paint onto palettes or shallow dishes.


Activity Step 3Set out paint brushes.


Activity Step 4Either set out rolls of tape and scissor, pre-cut pieces of tape, or have an adult place tape on the painting surface.


Activity Step 5Place canvases, cardstock, or construction paper around the table for each child.


Activity Step 6For those who are creating their own tape designs, show children how to cut and place pieces of tape onto their work surfaces. Make sure tape is pressed down evenly, so lines are clear.


Activity Step 7Once surfaces are taped, encourage children to paint on their surfaces. Children may use one color or several. They can paint right over the tape or carefully paint between the lines - both options work.


Activity Step 8When painting is finished, the tape may be pulled up right away, or you may let it dry. See what negative space designs children have created!



Invite older children to create letters or geometric shapes with the tape. They can even create their names or first initial in tape to be hung around the classroom. 



Orange LightbulbTry using paint sticks instead of wet paint for less mess.


Orange LightbulbInstead of tape, use stickers or contact paper cut into lines or shapes to create negative space.


Orange LightbulbTo make pulling up the tape easier, lift an edge for a child to grip and pull.


Orange LightbulbAdults can pre-cut pieces of tape for children to stick onto their work surfaces. For those who need additional support, tape may be pre-stuck onto work surfaces.