The Wind Blew

The Wind Blew Book Cover

Author and Illustrator:  Pat Hutchins

  1. Interactive Story Time & Prompt Cards
  2. Activity: A Wind Station

The wind is the main character of this time honored story told by Pat Hutchins. Even though it was written over 40 years ago, the story still holds. The wind is portrayed as a force to be reckoned with. It snatches and sweeps; whips and spins; grabs and tosses anything it chooses up in the air. It wreaks havoc with the characters in this story!

The Wind Blew is like a sitcom. It is a humorous retelling of a typical day on the English countryside with a little added drama. As in any good story, a problem arises and all kinds of antics ensue until we reach the happy ending.

 It’s a story that children will request again and again and that most teachers are happy to oblige with multiple readings.  Because the story builds page by page, the children’s attention is captured and held. It’s fun to read because of the playful rhymes and collection of fanciful action verbs. Within 26 pages, we see the wind turn, snatch, sweep, whip, spin, grab, and pluck townspeople’s belongings and toss them to the sky. It’s worth lingering on each double page spread to see the details of the illustrations along with the exaggerated expressions on the character’s faces.

It might be fun to have all the children wear a hat to school the day you first introduce this book and teach them the phrase, “hold on to your hat,” as the wind whips around as you read this story!


Reviewed by Leslie S. Eslinger, Education and Product Specialist, Becker's School Supplies

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