Let's Go Nuts!

Let's Go Nuts Book Cover

And you didn’t think non-fiction books could mesmerize your class like your best story books!  Well the first thing to know about this story is that it’s not read like a non-fiction book. It’s read with fervor, and cadence and lots of exclamation (it’s hard to miss the exclamation marks on just about every page)!  When was the last time you used the words “love” and “legume” in the same sentence?  As the book jacket says, “So get ready to greet lentils and limas, take a crack at coconuts and cashews, and say hi to rye and buckwheat.”  Now if that doesn’t sound like a rousing good time – think again!

In Common Core language, this book fills the need for Informational Text even though it’s a hybrid between pure Informational Text and Narrative Text. It’s complete with factual information on a specific subject and it uses photographs to illustrate the content. There are 2 pages at the end that feed you, the adult, with lots and lots of background information and interesting facts. You’ll be able to weave this information throughout your follow up conversations and activities. In addition, on the author’s website there is a picture glossary of seeds, http://bit.ly/1f5eAdq

Just like the other April Pulley Sayer books that came before thisRah Rah Radishes, and Go Go Grapes, this book can be read like a football cheer. It’s just begging for you to come up with some hip hop moves to go with the action-packed words.  Lyrics like these will get your heart beating and calories burning, “Nod for navy. Runners. Red.  Bean there. Look out – nuts ahead !”

You’ll be a seed and nut expert before you know it and you’ll find lots to celebrate before, during, and after the first reading!

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