A Visitor for Bear

A Visitor for Bear Book Cover

In the story, A Visitor for Bear, Bear has a sign on his door that says, No Visitors Allowed. This is not very welcoming! Let’s find ways to make guests feel welcome to our classroom.

Recommended Ages:  Preschool/Kindergarten

Domains or Early Learning Standards:  Social and Emotional Development; Literacy

Materials Needed:

  • Paper

  • Markers

​Preparation:  Plan to have a guest visit your classroom. This could be a parent, someone who works in your school, or someone who lives nearby.


Tell the children that you are expecting a visitor in a few days. Remind them what happened when mouse visited Bear’s house. What signs can we put on our door to make our guest feel welcome? Make a list of other things you could do to make someone feel welcome.

Children can make drawings and write messages (with your help) on Welcome Signs for the door. Display them for all to see!

Kids holding welcome sign

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