Nursery Rhymes Spoon Puppets

Nursery Rhyme Activities for Preschool

Nursery Rhymes can be the highlight of your circle and story times. Just add some simple dollar store and homemade props and it’s show time!

Learning Domains:
Language Development and Literacy
Materials Needed:
Wooden spoons (sold in sets at the dollar store)
Pictures of nursery rhyme characters and objects (download from web or other sources)
Pick out a favorite nursery rhyme and find some colorful pictures to represent the main ideas or characters in the rhyme. Cut out the images and tape each one to the back of a wooden spoon. You Hey Diddle Diddle!  Book Coverhave an instant Spoon Puppet In some cases, you may have an actual object to use -see the example below. Now that you have each character and main object represented, you can introduce these names and words to the children so that they’re more tuned in to the rhyme. Sometimes the sounds all blend togeter and the children don’t hear each word.
Invite the children to circle/story time. Show the children your Spoon Puppets. Demonstrate how to hold up each spoon when you recite the nursery rhyme. Emphasize the word that matches each puppet to help children make the connection. Offer children turns to hold up the Spoon Puppets when they hear their word. ​
Nursery Rhymes Spoon Puppets Image 1
Nursery Rhymes Spoon Puppets Image 2  Nursery Rhymes Spoon Puppets Image 3
For preschool and kindergarten children, you can write the names/words on the back of the spoon to show that each image is represented by a word that is made up of letters.
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