Early Childhood Webinars

Becker’s is proud to present early childhood webinars that are designed to educate early childhood teachers, child care providers, and others working with young children.

If you missed a scheduled, live presentation, you’re welcome to view the recording and additional resources by following the links below.

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Upcoming Webinars


Special Event: New Product Showcase

March. 13 2024 | 1:00pm ET

We hope you’ll accept this invitation for a front row seat to Becker’s 2nd Annual NEW Product Showcase. There will be live demonstrations of our newest products and a display of furnishings, including brand-new Becker’s exclusives that we’re eager to share with you. We know you're busy so if you can't be there for the full session, just pop in for the time that you have free. We'll be giving out product door prizes throughout the event! All are welcome! Registration is required. Recording will be available. We will not be providing Training Certificates for this program.




Past Webinars

Bari Koral Yogapalooza