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KIBO Robotic Set

Regular Price: $529.99 Your Price: $476.99

KIBO is a STEAM-based robot kit designed for young children. With KIBO, your students can build, program, decorate and bring the robot to life!  Students take on roles as programmers, engineers,... More Info

Becker's® Build-A-Bridge Set

Regular Price: $154.99 Your Price: $139.49

Becker's Build-A-Bridge Set gives you everything you need to learn about bridges and how to build them to get you safely from one end to the other! If you’ve ever gone on a bear hunt and you come upon... More Info

Becker's Ramp 'n Roll Set for Toddlers

Regular Price: $109.99 Your Price: $98.99

Introducing STEM for Toddlers! This ramp set is the first introduction to science, math and engineering! Without knowing it, your toddlers will be studying physics, speed, distance, construction and... More Info

Becker's Ramp 'n Roll STEM Set

Regular Price: $121.99 Your Price: $109.79

After the first vehicle rolls down this ramp, the children will be hooked! This set puts STEM lessons at the ready for eager learners. The ramp is designed for active exploration with 3 height... More Info

Becker's STEM Ramp

Regular Price: $89.99 Your Price: $80.99

This set puts STEM lessons at the ready for eager learners. The ramp is designed for active exploration with 3 height adjustments. Before you know it, your preschoolers will be using words like... More Info

PowerClix Solids

Regular Price: $39.99-$146.99 Your Price: $35.99-$132.29

PowerClix Solids have colorful, solid translucent plastics and geometric shapes that allow for open-ended, creativity-inspiring constructions. Solids are for teaching and exploring  geometry and... More Info

PowerClix Organics

Regular Price: $39.99-$146.99 Your Price: $35.99-$132.29

The NEW PowerClix Organics have colorful, translucent plastics and unique organic shapes that allow for open-ended, free-form, 3D constructions. With building pieces derived from shapes found in... More Info

Becker's® PowerClix STEM Sets

Regular Price: $52.99-$93.99 Your Price: $47.69-$84.59

Teachable moments? Powerful interactions? Pre-K STEM Lessons? It all happens right here with this custom set of PowerClix that includes the magnetic easy click 'n connect building shapes and a set of... More Info

STEM Maker Station

Regular Price: $549.99 Your Price: $494.99

The STEM/STEAM Maker Station is a customized storage unit designed to store all of your materials and supplies for innovative hands-on projects. Encourage children to build to learn and learn to... More Info

PowerClix Frames

Regular Price: $41.99-$155.49 Your Price: $37.79-$139.94

PowerClix® Frames are part of the dynamic, magnetic construction system designed to offer an open-ended building experience with easy click 'n connect pieces. The sets feature  colorful, translucent,... More Info

Cool Robots 4 Book Set

Regular Price: $28.99 Your Price: $26.09

In the Cool Robots Book Set, large, fascinating photographs of real life robots will amaze children while offering an early introduction to STEM. This book set includes the following 4 books: Tiny... More Info


Regular Price: $49.99 Your Price: $44.99

Use the flexible connectors with the rods and watch your buildings bounce, wiggle, and move without breaking! Great for STEM. 76 pieces. Ages 3+ **Classroom Materials - Second Floor Rooms (PS 2)... More Info

Teaching STEM in the Early Years

Regular Price: $41.99 Your Price: $37.79

The foundation for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education begins in the early years. More than 90 activities and learning center ideas that seamlessly integrate STEM throughout... More Info

Candy Construction

Regular Price: $36.99 Your Price: $33.29

Little engineers build sweet structures, fine motor strength and foundational STEM skills! Includes chunky, durable candy pieces in a variety of fun, familiar designs plus Activity Guide with... More Info

Year Round Project-Based Activities for STEM

Regular Price: $15.99 Your Price: $14.39

Wondering how to incorporate science, technology, engineering, and math PLUS collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving, and digital literacy into the PreK-K curriculum? You can do it with... More Info

Engineer Through The Year: 20 Turnkey Stem Projects

Regular Price: $25.49 Your Price: $22.94

Build on children's natural curiosity to develop critical thinking, creativity, and collaborative problem-solving skills. S.T.E.M. activities can be easily integrated into existing curriculums. 20... More Info

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STEM or STEAM? Why not both!

It's never too early to start teaching STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) or STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) in the early learning classroom. We've got the perfect educational materials for your early STEM or STEAM curriculum! Little learners will love the STEM Maker Station or Ramp 'n Roll Set for Toddlers.

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