Pom Pom Smush Painting

Pom Pom Smush Painting Process Art Activity

Get messy and create colorful splatters with a new way of painting!

Get messy and create colorful splatters with a new way of painting!


Toddler, Preschool


Learning Domains

Fine & Gross Motor, Language, Cognitive/Science



Pom poms

Construction Paper

Liquid Watercolors

Shallow Dishes

• Spoon (optional)

• Mallet or play hammer (optional)

• Music to play while creating


Ready, Set, Create!

Activity Step 1Cover your work surface with a tablecloth or table paper for easy cleanup.


Activity Step 2Pour small amounts of liquid watercolors into shallow dishes.


Activity Step 3Set out pieces of paper around the table.


Activity Step 4Encourage children to dip a pom pom into liquid watercolors, place on top of their paper lightly, and then use their hand, spoon, or mallet to smush the pom pom.

Pom Pom Smush Painting Art Activity


Activity Step 5Repeat with a variety of colors and different sized pom poms.



Engage Children in Conversation

Ask children to try smushing the pom poms lightly and then harder, quickly or slowly, and using their hands or different tools.

What do they observe about how these techniques are the same or different?



Play music with different tempos and at different volumes while the children create. How does music affect their work?

Turn this project into a color mixing lesson. To do this, only use primary colors of liquid watercolors (red, yellow, and blue) and only two of these colors at a time. Let children experiment and notice what happens when colors mix.



Orange LightbulbIf children are hesitant to touch the liquid, they can place a clear zippered bag on top of the pom pom so that their hand will touch the bag when pushing down. They can also try placing the paper and pom pom (dipped in liquid watercolor) inside the clear zippered bag for even less mess.

Orange LightbulbChildren may also smush the pom poms with a spoon, mallet, or toy hammer if they are not comfortable using their hands

Orange LightbulbVary the sizes of pom poms to support fine motor development or to add a fine motor challenge.