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Hand Drums

Regular Price: $51.99 Your Price: $46.79

Child-friendly drums produce a high-quality sound. Mallets included. Set of 3.  Colors may vary. 7". Ages 2+... More Info

Toddler Rhythm Set

Regular Price: $58.79 Your Price: $52.91

Looking for music toys for babies and toddlers? These easy-to-grasp music toys with gentle shaking sounds make for happy little ones and their grown-up caregivers! This set of musical toys for babies... More Info

Becker's First Music Classroom Kit

Regular Price: $152.99 Your Price: $137.69

We've done the research, the shopping, and the packaging so that you could have all the essentials of an Infant Toddler Music Program at your fingertips. Contents: Silky Scarves (12), Shape... More Info

Becker's Deluxe 20 Piece Rhythm Set

Regular Price: $108.79 Your Price: $97.91

When it comes to selecting a set of Rhythm Band instruments, consider these pointers. 1) You should have more instruments than students 2) The instruments should be of high quality - not toy quality... More Info

Young Maestro Shaker Set

Regular Price: $29.39 Your Price: $26.45

Ideas for a first experience with instruments.  Toddler-safe with fully rounded edges and just enough sound to thrill the little ones and please the adults! Set of 4 includes: Cymbal, Clacker & 2 Bead... More Info

Music Time Animal Shakers

Regular Price: $59.99 Your Price: $53.99

Music Time Animal Shakers are beautiful, wooden instruments filled with dried vegetables that provide a unique maraca or “rattle sound."  They intentionally produce a softer sound for young children's... More Info

Baby Tambourine Set

Regular Price: $54.99 Your Price: $49.49

Unique modern shape with comfortable grip for small hands. Made with steel jingles under safe clear cover for a classic tambourine sound with no exposed metal. Designed to be very durable for... More Info

Shape Shakers, Set of 12

Regular Price: $39.99 Your Price: $35.99

Fun shakers ,brightly colored, easy grip, soft sounds .Durable and washable. Great percussion product for all ages. Set of 12.  Ages 6 months+... More Info

Becker's® Outdoor Music Kit

Regular Price: $152.99 Your Price: $137.69

Strike up the band - - outside! There's a movement in education to take the learning outdoors and this set lets you take the noise out too! The instruments and hoop scarves are outdoor-friendly. The... More Info


Regular Price: $39.59 Your Price: $35.63

Medium School Bongos - Perfect for all elementarty grades. Constructed of prime grade kiln-dired hardwood. Skin heads. Height 6". Head sizes 5¾" and 5". Ages 3+... More Info

Wooden Instrument Set

Regular Price: $81.99 Your Price: $73.79

Becker's Rockin' Rhythm Set

Regular Price: $76.99 Your Price: $69.29

Strike up the band! This brightly colored, easy-care set of plastic rhythm instruments is ready to go at a moment's notice. Keep a set easily accessible for indoor or outdoor music making. Includes 4... More Info

Floor Tom With Drumsticks

Regular Price: $62.99 Your Price: $56.69

A great drum for circle time, any time. Use your hands, sticks or mallets (included) for just the right tonal quality. This percussion drum earned the Oppenheim Gold Seal for product quality. 7½" x... More Info

Egg Shaker Set of 4

Regular Price: $9.39 Your Price: $8.45

If you needed to select one instrument that would work well for everyone in the classroom, it could be egg shakers. They're sized just right for small hands, they make a gentle sound - easy on the... More Info

Mini Rainbow Shakers

Regular Price: $24.99 Your Price: $22.49

The Mini Rainbow Shakers will be music to your ears! These first instruments for infants make gentle sounds as the multi-colored beads cascade through the plastic cylinder. They're lightweight and... More Info

Multicultural Music Set

Regular Price: $99.99 Your Price: $89.99

Music opens the door to many cultures. There are beautiful colors, sounds, and natural materials in this set—all packed in an African pattern fabric bag. 16 instruments. Ages 3+ (Adult supervision... More Info

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Musical Instruments for Young Children

There are so many musical instruments to choose from, it's hard to know where to start. To make it easier, we've put together 3 Becker's Deluxe Rhythm Sets and 2 Becker's Economy Rhythm Sets that are designed for young children in group settings. If you want to slowly build your collection over time, we also offer individual instruments and smaller sets. Be sure to look at our Jamtown Multicultural Instrument sets (J512B, J513B, J514B) , as well. Each instrument is beautifully crafted from artists around the world and distributed to us through a fair trade seller.

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