Music & Movement For Kids


Wood Claves

Regular Price: $4.19 Your Price: $3.77

These wood claves produce a light, bright sound when hit together and are easily played.  Lightweight for easy playing by hands of all sizes.  8"L.  Ages 3+... More Info

Science Songs CD

Regular Price: $15.99 Your Price: $14.39

The Science Songs CD includes skills such as; living and nonliving things, weather, plants and animals, cycles in nature, changes in Matter and life cycles.  Ages 3+... More Info


Wrist & Ankle Bells

Regular Price: $3.29 Your Price: $2.96

Wrist bells feature four bells securely attached to a colorful nylon strap with a Velcro closure. Attach to a child's wrist or ankle and watch them come up with different ways to set the jingles in... More Info


8" Tambourine

Regular Price: $10.49 Your Price: $9.44

This 8" wooden tambourine contains five sets of jingles and a satin finish on the rim. With its lightweight design and brightly toned jingles, this tambourine will be a favorite!  Ages 3+... More Info

Math All Around Me CD

Regular Price: $15.99 Your Price: $14.39

This CD just simply makes beginning math skills fun for everyone.   Skills include:  Basic math skills for early childhood, number skills, counting 1 to 10, counting up & down, counting foward &... More Info


Guiro Tone Block

Regular Price: $5.99 Your Price: $5.39

Great for creating both wood sounds and scrapes in your classroom. To play scrape or strike with the included mallet.  Includes:  wooden base handle with a grooved shaft and 1 wooden mallet.  8"L... More Info

6" Cymbal with Mallet

Regular Price: $12.99 Your Price: $11.69

6" brass cymbal with handle produces great sound.  Mallet included.  Ages 3+... More Info

Becker's Let's Yoga Together! CD

Regular Price: $15.49 Your Price: $13.94

This Becker's exclusive CD features 13 beloved songs created and performed by multi-award-winning artist Bari Koral. Children will have minds and bodies engaged while doing yoga with a dancing bear,... More Info


Laurie Berkner Dance Remixes CD

Regular Price: $13.99 Your Price: $12.59

This collection of 14 classic Laurie Berkner songs has been remixed in the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) style—they're great dancing songs for toddlers and beyond! Preschoolers new to Laurie’s music... More Info


Hippity Hop CD

Regular Price: $13.99 Your Price: $12.59

This CD features a collection of hip-hop, funk, pop and reggae music for a younger audience. With positive messages and fun twists on classic songs, it'll have everyone singing and bopping along!... More Info


STEAM Theme CD Set

Regular Price: $77.69 Your Price: $69.92

Add music to your STEAM curriculum with this CD set that encourages children to get excited about science, technology, engineering, art and math! Includes Math All Around Me, Science Songs, STEAM... More Info



Regular Price: $16.59 Your Price: $14.93

A Helpful Musical Resource to Support STEM/STEAM Lessons!  The goal is to thematically connect science, technology, engineering, art, and math skills with instructional content. The STEAM Themes CD... More Info


Kidz STEM Songz CD

Regular Price: $27.69 Your Price: $24.92

Make learning about the STEM subjects more fun . . . through the art of music!  Two-CD and DVD package featuring songs about science that showcase a diverse group of children's music artists on a... More Info


Toddler Rhythm Set

Regular Price: $58.79 Your Price: $52.91

Looking for music toys for babies and toddlers? These easy-to-grasp music toys with gentle shaking sounds make for happy little ones and their grown-up caregivers! This set of musical toys for babies... More Info

Becker's First Music Classroom Kit

Regular Price: $157.69 Your Price: $141.92

We've done the research, the shopping, and the packaging so that you could have all the essentials of an Infant Toddler Music Program at your fingertips. Contents: Silky Scarves (12), Shape... More Info

Creative Movement Class Pack

Regular Price: $61.99 Your Price: $55.79

Every child needs to move to learn and learn to move! This creative movement set includes 12 dancing scarves, 6 hoop scarves, 24 ribbon wands on 12" dowels. Ages 3+ Becker’s guarantees your... More Info


Making Music for Kids is as Easy as It Sounds!

First be sure to have a CD player. Add a variety of music CD's from Becker's extensive collection.  The variety should include learning activity songs, movement songs, dance music, lullaby and quiet music, multicultural songs and more. Add enough instruments to strike up a band! We have authentic multicultural instruments and traditional classroom instruments. Finally, put together a set of movement props or try out our Creative Movement Class Pack (BSS313300).

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