Music & Movement For Kids

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Laurie Berkner Lullabies CD

Regular Price: $14.99 Your Price: $13.49

This Laurie Berkner CD features traditional lullabies as well as brand new songs to lull little ones to sleep. The CD also includes re-worked versions of some of Laurie’s classic originals... More Info


Velcro Wrist Bell Set

Regular Price: $13.29 Your Price: $11.96

In early childhood music classes, the students love these bells!  The wrist bells feature four bells securely attached to a colorful nylon strap with a Velcro closure. Attach to a child's wrist or... More Info


Tone Block with Mallet

Regular Price: $5.49 Your Price: $4.94

Great instrument to add to any percussion set! Play by striking with the included mallet.  5"L.  Ages 3+... More Info

Bolga Baskets

Regular Price: $32.99-$48.79 Your Price: $29.69-$43.91

Made in Ghana, these beautifully crafted market baskets are handwoven using only natural, locally available materials. Great for storing instruments, books and play props.  Available in small (8"-10"... More Info


Yoga & Mindfulness CD Set

Regular Price: $62.99 Your Price: $56.69

Bring calm and focus to your classroom with this collection of yoga and mindfulness CDs. Includes: Relax and Be Happy: Mindfulness for Children (and Teachers and Parents), World Yoga, Yoga for Kids... More Info


Rhythm Sticks

Regular Price: $3.69 Your Price: $3.32

Essential for any musical activity, these 10" rhythm sticks are made of durable plastic that can be easily sanitized.  One plain and one fluted.  10"L.  Ages 3+... More Info

Kids-Flix Digital Camera

Regular Price: $77.69 Your Price: $69.92

Specially-designed to be kid-proof and kid-friendly, this camera was built to withstand everyday classroom use! Features front and back lenses, 2" LCD screen, an 8GB micro SD card included (with... More Info


Plastic Maracas

Regular Price: $4.99 Your Price: $4.49

These red plastic maracas are perfect for little musicians and classrooms to learn percussion to create their own music.  Set of 2.  7"L.  Ages 3+... More Info

Handle Castanet

Regular Price: $5.29 Your Price: $4.76

This simple, yet sturdy, wooden castanet clapper creates a great sound!  Simply shake the handle castanet back and forth to create a clapping sound.  Hardwood.  5"L.  Ages 2+... More Info

Tom Tom Drum

Regular Price: $20.99 Your Price: $18.89

These beautiful drums produce a rich, full sound. Made with non tunable natural head, hardwood and a satin finish.  Trimmed in black fabric. Includes mallets. Cotton handle. 7" head.  Ages 3+... More Info


Tech Tub Standard

Regular Price: $184.99 Your Price: $166.49

Tech Tub Standard charges up to 6 devices and makes sharing easy within a classroom or throughout a school. Supports iPads, most 11" Chromebooks™ and other tablets. Adjustable dividers can accommodate... More Info


Cluster Bells

Regular Price: $4.19 Your Price: $3.77

The Basic Beat Cluster Bell features a one-piece plastic loop that securely holds three stainless steel bells.  5½"L.  Ages 3+... More Info


4" Triangle with Striker

Regular Price: $4.59 Your Price: $4.13

Handle and striker have a solid, smooth wooden handle for easy playing and holding.  4"L.  Ages 3+... More Info

Jingle Tap

Regular Price: $3.69 Your Price: $3.32

When the two metal discs attached to the wooden handle are shaken they come together to make a jingle sound. Ages 3+... More Info

World Yoga CD

Regular Price: $14.99 Your Price: $13.49

Take a relaxing journey around the world with these soothing songs from Mali to Nepal and beyond. Throughout the world, people of all ages and backgrounds are practicing yoga to relax and rejuvenate... More Info


Tom Boy Drum with Mallet

Regular Price: $11.99 Your Price: $10.79

The Tom Boy Drum is a perfect beginners drum.  Use with included mallet for perfect sound.  6" head.  Ages 3+... More Info

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Making Music for Kids is as Easy as It Sounds!

First be sure to have a CD player. Add a variety of music CD's from Becker's extensive collection.  The variety should include learning activity songs, movement songs, dance music, lullaby and quiet music, multicultural songs and more. Add enough instruments to strike up a band! We have authentic multicultural instruments and traditional classroom instruments. Finally, put together a set of movement props or try out our Creative Movement Class Pack (BSS313300).

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