Building and Architectural Blocks


Architectural Building Blocks

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These unique architectural shapes will add inspiration to block play. Includes shapes such as Roman columns, English towers, Middle Eastern arches, onion-shaped domes and other interesting shapes... More Info


Building Blocks & Architectural Blocks for Kids - the Sky's the Limit!

As children mature, their block play becomes more complex. It's important to keep an array of building blocks and architerctural blocks for kids in the block area. Stacking blocks gives way to more involved building structures. Children start to add elements that give their buildings purpose and interest such as bridges, intersecting roadways, and architectural details. Becker's offers a large selection of specialty blocks to support children's building projects. We know from observing children at block play that they're more apt to have sustained interest and successful experiences in the block corner when there is a well-organized and plentiful supply of blocks. Not to mention that more blocks means less stress over running out of just the right block when you need it most! Keep your block corner well-stocked for everyone’s peace of mind.

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