• Big Edu-Color Blocks
  • Big Edu-Color Blocks
  • Big Edu-Color Blocks
  • Big Edu-Color Blocks

Big Edu-Color Blocks

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These brightly colored blocks are a favorite of children and teachers. Children love the large size, light weight, and endless building possibilities; teachers love that they don't hear a sound when the buildings fall!

ITERS-3: Blocks 3.1 - Some blocks are accessible.

ITERS-3: Fine motor 7.2 - Staff show extended interest as children use fine motor materials. (Ex: playfully engage children with materials; show how to string beads)

ITERS-3: Blocks 5.1 - Enough blocks are accessible for each age group being observed.

FCCERS-R: Fine motor 3.1 - Some appropriate fine motor materials for each age group, accessible for daily use.

ITERS-3: Fine motor 5.1 - At least 10 different choices of appropriate fine motor materials accessible throughout the observation.

  1. Ages 9 months+
  2. 32 pieces
  3. Blocks are 2¾" thick and measure up to 6" x 12"
  4. Dense foam

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