Self Helf and Life Skills Toys for Toddlers


Dr. Pooch

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This pup is squeezably soft and needs a little help with dressing. Children build dexterity skills with buttons, buckles, zippers, and lots more. Ages 3+... More Info


Self Helf and Life Skills Toys for Toddlers, Two's and Preschool

Whether you're a parent or teacher, you know the phases of developing self-help skills. There's the "Me do it" phase, the "no" phase, the frustration and tantrum phase, and the celebration phase! Most children will develop self-help skills for putting on clothes, zipping, buttoning, tying, and snapping on their own time schedule. We also need to support the daily skills of tooth brushing and self-feeding. Here are some self help toys and life skills toys to support their efforts.

Try our Dexterity Boards like the Zipper Dexterity Board, Lacing Dexterity Board, and Button Dexterity Board help young children develop self-dressing skills. Our Dexterity Vest Set is very popular in early classrooms as are our Learn to Dress Dolls.

Your early childhood center needs these self help and life skills toys!

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