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Lacing Shape Beads

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A great activity to develop attention span, fine motor skills, and shape discrimination. Set includes 72 beads and 6 laces. Shapes are printed on one side of each bead to enable the teacher to hide a... More Info

Color Sequence Beads

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This activity teaches sequence and pattern making. The cards prompt students to fill in missing colors. Includes 96 beads, 12 strings, and 18 double-sided pattern cards. Ages 3+... More Info


Looking for New Lacing Activities and Sorting Games for Preschool?

If you've tried our lacing beads, lacing shapes, and lacing letters, it's time to try our lacing boards, buttons, straws, and sweets!  We also offer 2 lacing kits with enough materials for a classroom lacing center!  When it comes to sorting activities, use your imagination and supplement with the products shown below.  Children also need practice sorting items by different attributes.   At home children can sort laundry, silverware, buttons or other household items.  In school, children can sort counters in every possible theme (bugs, fish, fruit, vehicles, animals, etc.) for building important math skills. Take sorting outside with our sorting pebble sets.

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