Collage and Craft Materials

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Pony Beads, Green

Regular Price: $3.99 Your Price: $3.59

The most versatile of all of our craft beads.  Barrel pony beads have a wide variety of uses including beaded banners, holiday decorations, jewelry and hair decorations.  Their size and larger hole... More Info

Craft Gloves for Kids

Regular Price: $21.99 Your Price: $19.79

Craft Gloves keep little hands clean even while having messy fun. Disposable, Nitrile latex-free craft gloves are indispensable for those crafts projects in which tie- dye, paints and other messy art... More Info


Stand-Up Self Portrait Kit

Regular Price: $15.69 Your Price: $14.12

Make fun self portraits that stand up! Draw, paint or collage on the face and then flip and fold to make a three-dimensional portrait. Includes idea guide with easy step-by step instructions for... More Info


Bucket O' Pebbles

Regular Price: $13.99 Your Price: $12.59

Pebbles can be used for a variety of collage and craft projects.  Set include three 16 oz packs: River Gems, Rainbow and White Frost Mix.  Ages 3+... More Info


Regular Price: $9.49 Your Price: $8.54

Glitter brightens any arts and craft project with these shimmering glitter flakes. Easy to use: Spread adhesive on any surface and then sprinkle glitter from our convenient shaker container. 16 oz... More Info

Glittering Sequins & Spangles

Regular Price: $17.69 Your Price: $15.92

Twist top shaker jars hold 250 grams of Sequins & Spangles assortments. Easy-to-use and great for storing... More Info

Remnant Yarn Pack

Regular Price: $9.69-$25.99 Your Price: $8.72-$23.39

Great for craft projects! Assorted lengths and sizes of 100% acrylic yarn in bright colors and earthtones. Ages 3+... More Info

Jumbo All Purpose Pipe Cleaners

Regular Price: $3.05 Your Price: $2.75

Jumbo sized pipe cleaners for jumbo sized fun! Jumbo Chenille Kraft stems (also known as pipe cleaners) are perfect for a variety of classroom arts and crafts projects. These pipe cleaners are sold in... More Info

Assorted Buttons Bucket

Regular Price: $8.85 Your Price: $7.97

Teach sorting and counting with assorted buttons. Use as game markers! Assorted sizes and colors. 16 oz. in plastic bucket. Ages 4+... More Info

Fabric Squares Classroom Set

Regular Price: $16.79 Your Price: $15.11

A beautiful assortment of fabric squares in solids and prints. Remnants of cotton fabric that can be used to create a collage or decorate an all about me project.  Also can be used as a tool to teach... More Info

Craft Felt Sheets

Regular Price: $7.19-$7.49 Your Price: $6.47-$6.74

Use brightly colored felt separately or combine with other craft items to create any number of eye-catching craft projects for preschoolers. Available in 10 colors and an assorted pack. 9" x 12". 12... More Info

Wikki Stix Alphabet Cards

Regular Price: $16.49 Your Price: $14.84

Individual cards are ideal for use in centers or stations, and are easy to laminate for regular, repeat use. Each set contains 26 alphabet cards, plus one additional for making the letter your name... More Info

Bright Buttons

Regular Price: $11.99 Your Price: $10.79

A must have for all collage or sewing crafts. Excellent shapes! Cool colors! Use them as counters. Glue onto collage art. 1 lb per package. Ages 4+... More Info

Fabric Mosaics

Regular Price: $12.19 Your Price: $10.97

Create texturized art with a huge variety of fabric print squares. Terrific for multisensory collage projects. 1¾”. 400 per Package. Ages 4+... More Info

Glitter Pom Pons

Regular Price: $5.49-$10.89 Your Price: $4.94-$9.80

These Glitter Pom Pons sparkle and twinkle and make any art project come to life. Assorted... More Info

Mixed Bag Wiggle Eyes, 500 Pieces

Regular Price: $18.49 Your Price: $16.64

Craft animals and toys spring to life with Wiggle Eyes! Flat back for gluing. This great multi-pack features 125 pieces each of black, multi, painted and bright colors in assorted sizes of 10mm, 12mm,... More Info

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Collage Supplies and School Craft Materials Make Beautiful Art

"Rainy Days and Mondays" are great times to bring out the collage materials and craft supplies. Maybe the next Eric Carle is in your classroom so be sure to be well stocked with brightly colored tissue paper, fabric squares, buttons, beads, mosiac tiles and more. Collage is an excellent style of art for young children because it is so open-ended. Children get to discover textures, color, 3-D effects, and more by using a wide variety of collage supplies and craft materials.

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