Becker's Summer Reading List 2021

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Children's Books for Summer - Must Read Summer Books for 2021


Whether it’s just hanging out under a shady tree, picnicking in the park, splashing at the beach, or cuddling up on a rainy evening, summer reading can be so much fun!  If you’re looking to explore in your own backyard or simply add to your child’s summer book collection, we recommend these must-read children’s books for this summer. Check out our updated summer reading list for 2021.


  • The Ball Book: Footballs, Meatballs, Eyeballs & More Balls! - Ball playing in summer is a fun and time-honored tradition. Author Joshua David Stein shares and compares different kinds of balls in this part-reference, part light-hearted look at balls and other rollable objects. Children can giggle the afternoon away while building their reading skills with this rhyming, easy-to-read book about balls.


  • Boxitects – Looking for a STEM-friendly book, Boxitects might just fit the bill. This book centers around Meg who is a brilliant and creative boxitect – a cardboard box architect! She loves impressing her teachers and classmates with what she makes out of boxes. Let your children use their imagination as they tinker and build with cardboard.


  • World of Wonder Great Buildings Book – Not ready to travel the world just yet? No worries! Without leaving their backyard, children will learn about some of the largest, highest, and coolest buildings in the world in this informative book which features stunning photographs, fun facts and infographics!


  • Insects and Spiders Book Set – Summer is full of creepy-crawlies. Children will learn all about the wonderful world of insects with this set of books that were hand-picked to build new concepts, teach relevant vocabulary, and excite the imagination. Get up close and personal with ladybugs, spiders, and bees in this collection of fiction and nonfiction books.


  • Good Morning Zoom – Is your sense of humor still intact? This clever remake of Goodnight Moon is just what we need to reflect on a year to remember and prepare us for what might be the new normal. It’s a fun read for children, parents and any teacher who zoomed their way through the school year!


  • Grow! Raise! Catch! How We Get Our Food – A great way to celebrate the bounty of summer is to spend an afternoon picking fresh fruits and vegetables at the farm or catching fish at the lake. In a book filled with bright and enticing photographs and informative, accessible text, Shelley Rotner offers a breakdown of the farm-to-table process that is perfect for preschoolers and kindergarteners.


  • The Rainbow Fish – Summer is a time to spend with friends. Marcus Pfister’s heartwarming story is an international classic with a universal message about friendship. The Rainbow Fish learns to make friends by sharing his most prized possessions, that gives the book its lasting value.


  • Gardens Book Set– Tending to one’s garden in the summer months is a great way to get in touch with nature. This collection of fiction and nonfiction books will take you along the journey from planting seeds to harvesting the fruits and vegetables, watering the flowers and watching the beautiful colors blossom. In garden book set, children will learn all about plants, fruits, and vegetables!


What books are you reading with children this summer? Have any suggestions to add to our list?

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