Must Read Books for the Summer Reading List

By Becker's

Must Read Books for Children in the Summer

Looking for a new summer reading list? You’re in luck, here’s our must-read children’s books for the summer.

  • The Flashlight Book – this wonderful wordless picture book for young children offers an enchanting exploration of night, nature, and art. Both lyrical and humorous, this visual poem—like the flashlight beam itself—reveals there is magic in the darkness. Just look for it.


  • Water Can Be – “Water can be a thirst quencher, a kid drencher, a cloud fluffer, or a fire snuffer.” This non-fiction book that shows all the brilliant uses of water will be a wonderful addition to any early classroom library collection. It’s a beautiful combination of poetic verse and illustrations.


  • Pop: A Book about Bubbles – Blowing bubbles is a staple activity of preschool and kindergarten. What are bubbles made of? Why are they always round? Why do bubbles pop? These and other questions are asked and answered in accessible language and crisp, full color photographs.


  • Maybe Something Beautiful – Based on the true story of the Urban Art Trail in San Diego, California, Maybe Something Beautiful reveals how art can inspire transformation and how even the smallest artists can accomplish something big.


  • Garden Theme Book Set – Summer time is a great time to teach young children all about gardening and growing their own food! This garden-themed book set, including titles such as Rah, Rah, Radishes and Errol’s Garden, explores foods that can be found in a garden and the process of gardening.


  • Rocks Theme Book Set – Children are often fascinated by and love learning about rocks. Break out these rock-themed books on those rainy summer days to help children explore the differences between rocks and discover more the natural world. If you’re looking for books about rocks for preschoolers, start here.


  • I Am America – This one-of-a-kind book by poet and photographer Charles Smith, Jr. is a poignant, stunning photographic celebration of the many diverse faces that make up America. This one-of-a-kind book showcases children of many different ethnic and racial backgrounds. The playful images and touching poetry work together to tell the story of America.


  • Seasonal Story Times – Books such as Fun in the Sun, It’s Raining, It’s Pouring, and Down by the Bay are perfect depictions of typical scenes in the summertime. Young children will find these books both entertaining and instructive in early language skills such as rhyme, rhythm, and repetition, and will delight in hearing it read or sung aloud to them.


  • Random Books of Kindess Set – It’s always a good time to teach kindness, respect, and gratitude. Books such as I Am Human, If You Plant a Seed, and Most People demonstrate the power of random acts of kindness.

  • Where is Your Home? Book Set – With the Where is Your Home? Book Set, children can learn about their own homes as well as the homes of others including their animal friends! Each book focuses on a home in a different location including cities, towns, and more.

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