Knock Knock Activity for Toddlers

Knock Knock, Who’s There? This simple activity with an element of surprise is sure to capture the attention of older infants and young toddlers!

Older Infants, Toddlers
Learning Domains:
Language Development; Social and Emotional Development
Materials Needed:
Boxes with sturdy lids (shoe box, gift box)
photos or pictures from magazines of familiar animals or people
Glue or tape one picture to the bottom of each box


Model for the children how to play this game. Show the children how to make a fist and then knock on the top of the box.

Say “Knock, Knock, Who’s There?” 

Open the box and see the surprise picture. Say aloud what you see.


OH – it’s a dog!

White box with Knock Knock Whose There written on it   Hand knocking on White box with Knock Knock Whose There written on it  White box opened with a picture of cute dog inside

Then close the box and do it again. Encourage the child to mimic your actions. Each time, be sure to be the narrator, and say aloud, “Knock, Knock, Who’s There?” before they open the box.

Vocabulary Boosters: Here are some new words and phrases to introduce during this activity.

  • Open (the box)
  • Close (the box)
  • Take off the lid
  • Look in the bottom
  • Vary the pictures: dog, cat, bunny, snowman, baby, girl, boy, etc. Also use photos of people they know!