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Becker's Infant & Toddler Storage Shelf

Regular Price: $281.99 Your Price: $253.79

Every classroom needs a standard toddler storage shelf. This unit is designed to keep materials organized and orderly. With 5 sectioned areas, toys can stand freely or be placed in baskets (sold... More Info

Becker's Infant & Toddler Storage Cruiser

Regular Price: $221.99 Your Price: $199.79

This infant furniture unit does double duty. It stores toys in two large compartments and has sturdy side rails to support infants when they first start to pull up. It's just the right height to... More Info

Becker's Infant & Toddler Mini Tray Storage

Regular Price: $182.99 Your Price: $164.69

This petite infant furniture unit offers two advantages. It works well in small spaces and suits some children who get easily overwhelmed by seeing too many toy choices at once. This smaller version... More Info

Becker's Infant & Toddler See-Thru Storage Shelf

Regular Price: $329.99 Your Price: $296.99

A see-thru acrylic panel on the back of this unit helps teachers keep their eyes on more children at once! Similar to the Infant & Toddler Storage Shelf , this unit keeps materials organized and... More Info

Becker's Infant & Toddler Look-and-See Discovery Storage Table

Regular Price: $354.99 Your Price: $319.49

When asked "why" we say "why not?" Why not add some interest to a storage unit by including a mirror backing and clear acrylic panel? Use this unit for discovery materials and observe children make... More Info

Becker's Infant & Toddler Tray Storage

Regular Price: $249.99 Your Price: $224.99

Becker's has your childcare infant furnture needs covered! This very versatile furniture unit is great for storing manipulatives, building toys, block sets, or other play materials in the infant and... More Info

Angeles® BaseLine® Tables

Regular Price: $284.99-$449.99 Your Price: $256.49-$404.99

BaseLine® Tables by Angeles® with available matching chairs will give your room a polished look and all the functionality you need. Select from a variety of tabletop sizes and shapes and choose just... More Info

Angeles® BaseLine® Chairs

Regular Price: $39.49-$41.49 Your Price: $35.54-$37.34

Angeles BaseLine® Chairs offer support and stability for children just learning to sit at a table. The colors complement the table bands and the leg boots give them a finished look and help to prevent... More Info

Becker's Single Storage Units

Regular Price: $349.99-$409.99 Your Price: $314.99-$368.99

Becker's best selling furniture units just got better! Crafted with birch hardwoods using dowel joinery for strength and durability, these units add a classic look to your school. With safety in mind,... More Info

Becker’s Toddler Clearview Toy Bin

Regular Price: $249.99 Your Price: $224.99

Toddlers love to pick their favorite toys from our clear sided divided toy bin. Each section has plenty of room to allow sorting and storage of toys. Children learn to keep their play environment... More Info

Becker's 5 Section Toddler Locker

Regular Price: $455.49 Your Price: $409.94

Toddlers will enjoy the independence of being able to reach their own belongings with the Becker's 5 Section Toddler Locker. Fully assembled. 48"W x 15"D x 36"H.  Lifetime warranty... More Info

Becker's Toddler Combo Kitchen

Regular Price: $384.99 Your Price: $346.49

The Becker's Toddler Combo Kitchen is designed for the modern toddler.  This unit offers easy access to storage, stove, and sink for quick meal making! The mirrored back splash adds an element of... More Info

Toddler Dress-Up Storage

Regular Price: $319.99 Your Price: $287.99

A toddler's dream come true! There's a place for favorite shoes, hats, purses, and more! Includes full-length mirror and 4 double coat hooks - all within easy reach. Fully assembled, tubs included... More Info

Becker's Toddler Combo Kitchen with Refrigerator

Regular Price: $484.99 Your Price: $436.49

If space is limited, choose this efficient kitchen model that will delight novice cooks and their toddler friends! The mirrored backsplash adds an element of interest for all! Features click, click... More Info

BECKER’S® Naturally Soft Baskets

Regular Price: $35.99-$99.99 Your Price: $32.39-$89.99

These naturally soft chenille baskets are designed to fit on most storage shelves, add softness to your environment and keep your materials organized! The colors complement our Branching Out and... More Info


Becker's Giant Floor Basket

Regular Price: $73.99 Your Price: $66.59

This giant-sized basket goes anywhere, holds anything and matches any décor! It's made from soft chenille mixed with strong yarns for added durability! 16"W x 14"H. Blue... More Info


Furniture for the Infant & Toddler Room

By the time you finish furnishing the Infant Room, you might wonder will there be room for the babies! Choose your child care center furniture wisely. It becomes a large part of the "feel" of the infant, toddler or preschool room. Our Foundations Cribs look as great as they function; the changing stations can coordinate with the other elements, and our glider rockers look like home furniture. We have great looking tables and chairs, as well.  We can't wait for you to create your special "look" with our child care furniture and accessory pieces. We think you'll like the results!

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