Pretend Dress-Up & Role Play


Community Helpers Dress-Ups

Regular Price: $294.99 Your Price: $265.49

Need a complete community of helpers? Pride in the community starts here as children role-play their growing knowledge of these everyday heroes. This collection includes one of each of the eight... More Info

Ceremonial Costumes, Set of 12

Regular Price: $329.99 Your Price: $296.99

Toddlers will take a trip around the world with ceremonial dress ups! Children will love to pretend in these Multicultural Role Play Costumes. Machine washable with easy closures. Fits most children... More Info

Dexter's Dress Ups - Complete Set

Regular Price: $232.99 Your Price: $209.69

Designed with realistic details, these dress-up costumes introduce children to careers and encourage dramatic play and peer interactions. Velcro closures in the back make them easy to put on and take... More Info

Multicultural Dress Up Costume Set

Regular Price: $377.69 Your Price: $339.92

These textured and detailed outfits will be just the ticket to open up a world of learning for your children about special holidays, ceremonies, and lifestyles around the globe. Add to the richness of... More Info

Toddler Dress-Up Capes, Set of 5

Regular Price: $139.99 Your Price: $125.99

Be anywhere or anyone at any given time. When your little one engages in dress-up play he represents himself as someone else. With the Toddler Dress Up Capes your child can be a spider, wizard, super... More Info

Dress-Up Tree

Regular Price: $143.99 Your Price: $129.59

Twelve strong pegs make it easy to organize dress-up clothes for your dramatic play station. 12" x 12" x 48"H. Easy to assemble. Made in USA. Lifetime Warranty... More Info

Toddler Career Dress-ups

Regular Price: $137.49 Your Price: $123.74

Designed with toddlers in mind, these career outfits have the opening and the Velcro fastener in front for easy-on and-off. We've even added a cloth loop for hanging on a dress-up hook. Made in USA... More Info

Becker's Dress-Up Collection

Regular Price: $134.99 Your Price: $121.49

Dress up chests are filled with endless treasures for make-believe play!  Be queen for a day, king of the hill, a dapper business owner, a dancer, or a mom or dad. You can be anything you want with a... More Info

Around the World Toddler Dress-Ups

Regular Price: $119.99 Your Price: $107.99

Dressing-up goes global!  Why offer multicultural dress-ups for toddlers? Because anti-bias education starts now. We don't want different types of dress to ever appear odd or unusual. We want children... More Info

Becker's Go Multicultural: Toddler Dress-Ups

Regular Price: $129.99 Your Price: $116.99

Embrace multicultural differences in your toddler classroom by introducing dress-ups in a variety of colors, textures and patterns that represent global cultures. Easy-on, easy-off vests with hook and... More Info


Market Stand

Regular Price: $349.99 Your Price: $314.99

This cute pretend play market stand features a colorful awning and lots of space to store and display items. The top shelf holds 3 plastic bins to feature your fresh produce! Be sure to let customers... More Info


Becker's My First Laundry Set

Regular Price: $139.99 Your Price: $125.99

This is the way we dry our clothes... Sometimes the ol' fashioned way is the best way! Whether hanging doll clothes, kid’s socks or paper cutouts—children will be using fine motor and cognitive skills... More Info


Becker's I'm A Woodworker Kit

Regular Price: $137.69 Your Price: $123.92

The Real Projects Workshop encourages active and imaginative play with a realistic “wood” project workbench! Features 42 sturdy foam pieces and a 23-piece accessory set that assembles into unlimited... More Info


Contemporary Washer & Dryer Set

Regular Price: $343.99 Your Price: $309.59

This modern set features a unique design, cabinet handles in matte chrome finish, knobs that “click” and realistic details that will inspire lots of imaginative play. Top-to-bottom continuous hinges... More Info


It's Dress-Up Time in the Dramatic Play Area

We say it all the time but it's true in preschool - "You can be anything you want to be." This is why it is so important to stock your preschool classroom with plenty of pretend play sets, pretend play toys, and preschool dress-ups!

Children will love to dress-up like a chef, an executive, an engineer, a bus driver, a scientist or any other job they can think of. They can image they're a vet, a doctor, a firefighter, or an explorer. We have dress-up clothes for all those careers along with role play props and all of the pretend play supplies you can think of. Your imagination is the only limit.

Don't forget the multicultural dress-ups! It's very important to introduce new cultures to little learners. They'll have a blast pretending their from another country. Not only that, they'll develop great storytelling and social awareness skills. It will broaden their world view and promote tolerance as well. There's so much pretend play fun to have in the preschool dramatic play area!

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