Magnetic Play Sets, Blocks & Toys for Kids


Magnet Marvel

Regular Price: $41.99 Your Price: $37.79

Children discover which objects are and are not magnetic, by sliding the attached magnet over the acrylic cover. There are no loose parts. Objects stay within the 16 compartments of the wooden box, 8... More Info

Magnetic Fishing Set

Regular Price: $30.99 Your Price: $27.89

Kids will get "caught" up in the manipulative fun of attracting any of these 10 floating magnetic plastic fish. The 2 plastic bamboo-style poles extend to 24" long and have super strong magnets. Ages... More Info

Magnetic Color Matching

Regular Price: $40.99 Your Price: $36.89

Guide the colored balls into the matching colored pencils using the attached magnetic wands. The 11½" square wooden base is enclosed under an acrylic panel. Ages 3+... More Info


Watch the Attraction to Magnetic Toys & Magnetic Play Sets!

Children of all ages are fascinated by magnetic play sets and activities. Magnetic toys allow children with low muscle tone or reduced muscle strength to feel success with a building toy that might be too frustrating otherwise. Some magnetic toys are self-contained with no loose pieces which make them easy to manage and maintain. Browse our magnetic toys for toddlers here!

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