Otto, The Book Bear Interactive Reading Book Prompts

Otto The Book Bear

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Side A

Otto The Book Bear
Before the Story

This story is called, Otto, The Book Bear. Why do you think they call him the book bear? In this story, we’re going to find out where Otto lives and about his special secret.

During the Story

Otto is a book bear.  In this story that means he’s in a book that children read. Where does Otto live? What’s his special secret (tell me in a very soft voice – that’s how we share secrets).  What terrible thing happened to Otto? What do you think he should do? Ahh, finally, there's hope. Otto sees a big building. Let's all breathe a sigh of relief. What do you think he'll find inside?

After the Story

Do you think bears really live inside books? Do you ever visit the library? What do you see when you’re there? Imagine if one of the animals came out of a book. What would you say to the animal?

Becker's School Supplies,, Otto, The Book Bear, Item # 9781423145622

Side B

Vocabulary Boosters
  • Secret – When you keep something hidden or don’t tell someone something, it’s called a secret.
  • Explore - What did Otto explore? Do you think it's fun to explore?
  • Adventure - An exciting experience; trying something new
  • Library – A place where there are lots of books to borrow and read at home.
Your Notes
Becker's School Supplies,, Otto, The Book Bear, Item # 9781423145622
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