Multicultural Dress Up Costume Set

  • Multicultural Dress Up Costume Set
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These textured and detailed outfits will be just the ticket to open up a world of learning for your children about special holidays, ceremonies, and lifestyles around the globe. Add to the richness of the experience by providing authentic props, photographs, and children's literature from each country you study.  Set of 10 multicultural dress-up clothes includes a boy and girl set for each of the following; Chinese New Year, West African, Plains Indian, Mexican and Russian.
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ECERS-3: Dramatic play 5.1 - Many and varied dramatic play materials, enough for number of children allowed, are accessible, including dolls, child-sized furniture, play foods and cooking/eating utensils, dress-up clothes for boys and girls.

ECERS-3: Dramatic play 7.1 - At least 4 clear examples to represent diversity are included for dramatic play (Ex: dolls of different races/cultures; foods of different cultures; equipment used by people with disabilities).

ECERS-3: Promoting acceptance of diversity 5.1 - At least 2 different types of dramatic play props representing different races or cultures are included for use in dramatic play.

  1. Ages 4-8
  2. Set of 10

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