Becker's Cuddle Me Pocket Cube

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It's a safe haven for a baby or toddler who needs a quiet space. The Cuddle Me Pocket Cube has four 4" x 6" pockets inside and two 15" x 19" pockets outside to place pictures or photos at the child's eye level. The colors and design offer a calm and tranquil experience!

FCCERS-R: Space for privacy 5.1 - Space set aside for one or two children to play, protected from intrusion by others (Ex. puts baby into protected area while using popular toys; no-interruption rule; small space protected by shelves).

ITERS-3: Display for children 5.3 - Many items displayed where children can easily see them, some within easy reach.

ITERS-3: Furniture for routine care and play 5.3 - Softness provided in several areas (soft rug areas, upholstered child-sized chair or couch)

ITERS-3: Furniture for routine care and play 3.3 - At least on soft furnishing for play accessible to all children

  1. Ages 10 months-3 years
  2. Woodland colors
  3. 32"W x 32"D x 20"H
  4. Made of durable vinyl with floor mat
  5. Made in the USA

Family Owned

Becker's has been family owned for over 90 years!



Becker's meets CPSIA compliancy standards