Classic Political Globe

Regular Price: $58.79 Your Price: $52.91

Striking colors invite students of any age to explore. The 12" blue-ocean globe offers a vibrant contrast to a metal gold-colored base. The Explorer contains more than 4,000 place names and... More Info

World Map Magnetic Wall Set

Regular Price: $17.99 Your Price: $16.19

This unique Magnetic Wall Sticker inspires kids to explore the awesome world around them and satisfy their curiosity about the continents. Made with a patented light-weight material that mounts with... More Info

Wonderfoam® Giant USA Photo Puzzle

Regular Price: $38.79 Your Price: $34.91

Bring history to life! This beautiful map is chock full of fun facts and will pull kids into history and geography like never before. 57 pieces. 48"W x 30"H. Ages 3+... More Info

Continental Wonders Classroom Rug

Regular Price: $324.99-$399.99 Your Price: $292.49-$359.99

Discover the continents with the Continental Wonders Rug. This classroom rug features a map of the world and highlights many geographic icons across the globe. It is a great tool for learning and will... More Info

USA Learn & Play Classroom Rug

Regular Price: $314.99-$469.99 Your Price: $283.49-$422.99

The USA Learn and Play Classroom Rug showcases the United States of America’s 50 states and their related icons. This classroom rug will help children of all ages learn fun facts and master their... More Info

Hugg A Planet

Regular Price: $30.99 Your Price: $27.89

Over 600 places labeled on the Hugg A Planet, Earth. A real globe but soft. Helps our children learn about caring for Planet Earth.  Machine washable.  12" in diameter... More Info


Regular Price: $24.99 Your Price: $22.49

GREETINGS FELLOW EARTHLINGS! Earthopoly is a game celebrating Earth, one turn at a time! Players become the caretakers of wondrous locations around the planet, then increase their property value by... More Info

Magnetic US Map Puzzle

Regular Price: $20.99 Your Price: $18.89

Build the U.S. one state at a time with these magnetic puzzle pieces. State name is on each piece along with iconic landmarks. Includes blank mat with state outlines. Measures 19" L  x 13" H. Grades... More Info

Puzzle Globe

Regular Price: $35.99 Your Price: $32.39

Match up the pieces to complete the globe with animals, landmarks and 6 continent puzzle pieces. Largest piece (Asia) measures 5¾”L, globe 8" D. Grades Pre-K+... More Info

What We Wear: Dressing Up Around The World

Regular Price: $8.79 Your Price: $7.91

What we wear can identify who we are: what team we play for or what team we root for, where we go to school, how we worship, or how we represent our heritage. What we wear expresses our individuality,... More Info

My Neighborhood 5 Book Set

Regular Price: $35.99 Your Price: $32.39

Become a neighborhood know-it-all as you explore the people, places, jobs, and other familiar sights you might see in the My Neighborhood 5 Book Set! The books included in this set focus on people,... More Info


Teaching Geography in Preschool and the Primary Grades

Start with where your students live and how it differs from other places. Display maps and talk about maps. Use directional words to take a walk around the neighborhood. Draw pretend maps in the block area. Introduce children to globes and the names of different parts of our country and our world. Be prepared for the question asking why we need maps, if my mom has a GPS!!

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