Classroom Adhesives: Which Ones Do You Need?

By Leah Eslinger Shaw

Fall is here! Families are drinking hot apple cider and picking pumpkins. Friends are gathering to watch football. But YOU are hanging your alphabet poster for the 57th time this year. And it’s only November.

This classic teacher conundrum can be addressed with a few key tools. Some are age-old teacher must-haves while others are new to the game. Take a look to find a solution for your classroom.

You need to put an anchor chart on a cinderblock wall for the entire year:

Try…Mavalus Tape

There's a reason this sounds like "marvelous" in a fancy voice. Mavalus truly does it all. This humble roll of tape can hang laminated posters all year long, hold something in place on the floor for an activity, repair books, and more. Mavalus tape is stronger than masking tape and doesn't leave a residue like duct tape. Give it a try! You can thank me later.

You have designated wall space with a display that will change during the year:

Try…Command Hooks


While not technically an adhesive in the classic sense, I couldn’t help but include this line of products. These babies are super versatile. The possibilities are endless. A simple search on Pinterest will prove this point.




This is a unique product because it utilizes wax to stick to surfaces. There are several wax adhesive products on the market, but these are my favorite because of the clip on the front. This allows you to swap out posters without removing and replacing tape. These are especially great for anchor charts that will change depending on your unit of study.


You need to change locations of items frequently:


When I used to work at a teacher supply store, there were a few classic signs that it was back to school season. Long lines, lots of anxious and excited teachers, and the CONSTANT task of restocking the FUN-TAK. Teachers of all grades, levels of experience, and types of classrooms need some FUN-TAK in their lives. I used it daily when I taught in a classroom without magnetic boards. Every time I needed to display something, FUN-TAK to the rescue! 


What is YOUR favorite tape to use in the classroom?


Since graduating from Juniata College in 2008, Leah has worked as a Learning Support Teacher, Life Skills Support Teacher, Instructional Coach, and is currently teaching 6th Grade ELA and Social Studies at Shippensburg Area Middle School. When not busy teaching or scouring Pinterest for teaching ideas, Leah enjoys reading, baking healthy treats, and practicing yoga. She currently resides in Greencastle, Pennsylvania with her husband and daughter.  

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