Colorful Glue Creations

Colorful Glue Creations Art Activity

Switch up an everyday craft material by adding some vibrant color to it!

Switch up an everyday craft material by adding some vibrant color to it!


Toddlers, Preschool, Early Elementary


Learning Domains

Language, Science, Fine Motor



White glue (either in bottles or poured in bowls

Tempera paint

Wooden craft sticks

Construction paper or tagboard


Ready, Set, Create!

Activity Step 1If using glue bottles, help children pump a few squirts of one color of paint into the bottle (best to use with glue bottles that are half empty). Shake the glue bottle until the paint has turned most of the glue that color. Repeat with as many colors and bottles as you’d like.


Activity Step 2If using a large container of glue, pour some into a bowl. Then, pump or pour some paint into the bowl. Use a wooden craft stick to stir so that the white glue turns the color of the paint. Repeat with as many bowls and colors as you’d like.


Pouring paint into bowls with glue Pouring tempera paint into bowls with white glue


Stirring tempera paint into bowls with white glue


Activity Step 3Use the wooden craft stick to drizzle the colored glue onto a piece of tagboard or paper. If you’re using glue bottles, squeeze the glue to create designs onto your surface.


Wooden craft sticks drizzling colored glue on paper


Activity Step 4It’s exciting to watch the glue as it drizzles, see what types of squiggles and designs can be made and see the different colors of glue!



Artful Goods craft sticks drizzling colored glue on paper 


Engage Children in Conversation

Comment on what you observe, such as “I notice you added a lot of yellow into your glue” or “What do you think will happen when we stir the paint and glue together?”

Ask children open ended questions that encourage critical thinking, such as:

What do you think will happen when we add only a little color to the glue? What if we add a lot?

What happens when you drizzle the glue from up high? What about when you hold the glue (bottle or popsicle stick) closer to your paper?

For very young children, try asking “either/or” questions, such as;

Are you using the green or the yellow glue?

Did you drizzle a lot of glue or a little?



This project can be done simply by drizzling the glue onto the paper to make designs or you can use the colored glue along with a variety of recycled materials to create sculptures.

Children can also drizzle the glue onto interesting surfaces, such as leftover plastic laminate, aluminum foil, or old CD’s.



Orange LightbulbIf it is challenging for children to squeeze the glue bottles, this project can be done using bowls of glue and wooden craft sticks.

Orange LightbulbLarger wooden craft sticks, or both large and small sticks can be made available, for children with differing fine motor skills.