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Measuring Masters Book Set

Regular Price: $35.99 Your Price: $32.39

We use measurements in math, science and our daily lives. With full-color photographs and informational text, this book set teaches children about the tools that help us measure. Set of 5 paperbacks... More Info


Number Balance Activity Set

Regular Price: $20.99 Your Price: $18.89

In addition to teaching balance, this scale introduces number relationships, operations and pre-algebra concepts. Includes 20 plastic weights and 10 double-sided activity cards. Balance measures 14"L... More Info


Becker's Balance Challenge Set

Regular Price: $149.99 Your Price: $134.99

Use this Balance Challenge Set to activate children's brains and promote higher order thinking about balance and levers. As your students generate questions like “Will it balance?”, “Which is... More Info


Counting Camels Sequencing Cards

Regular Price: $10.99 Your Price: $9.89

Using the Connecting Camels ( sold separately ), kids learn about sequencing and patterns with this set of 20 laminated activity cards. Includes teacher's guide with extension activities. Ages 3+... More Info


Connecting Camels, Set of 96

Regular Price: $24.39 Your Price: $21.95

Children can explore counting and sorting, shape and space, measurement, and more with this set of 96 plastic camels in 3 sizes, 3 weights and 6 colors. Patterns and measuring can be explored by... More Info


Unifix® Cubes

Regular Price: $14.99-$64.99 Your Price: $13.49-$58.49

Great math manipulative! Perfect for patterning, place value, number sense and more. Interlocking counting cubes and activity guide. Assorted colors. Grades K-6... More Info


Regular Price: $38.79 Your Price: $34.91

Inchimals are incredibly effective math blocks that teach measurement, number concept, addition, subtraction, and pre-algebra! Ideal for many ages of children. Beautifully crafted, thoughtfully... More Info

Classroom Liquid Measurement Set

Regular Price: $36.99 Your Price: $33.29

This deluxe set is the perfectly sized classroom set for learning measurement equivalents. Students practice customary capacities, liquid measurement and metric conversions with suggested activities... More Info

Becker's Measuring Tool Kit

Regular Price: $32.99 Your Price: $29.69

Children gain an understanding of size and measurement by using measuring tools in their everyday activities. The Becker’s exclusive Measuring Tools Kit includes standard (rulers, tape measures) and... More Info

Pretend & Play® My Big Measuring Tape

Regular Price: $13.49 Your Price: $12.14

Every young carpenter needs one of these! This sturdy plastic tape measure is just the right size for small hands. Measures up to 3 feet. Aligns with Common Core State Standards. Ages 3+... More Info

English/Metric Tape Measures

Regular Price: $10.49 Your Price: $9.44

This 60" plastic tape has inches on one side and centimeter/millimeter scale on the other. Set of 10. Aligns with Common Core State Standards. Ages 5+ CCSS:   Measurement and Data (Grades 2-4)... More Info


Regular Price: $6.29-$8.29 Your Price: $5.66-$7.46

77640, Plastic 6" Ruler:  Durable plastic rulers feature double beveled edge with pencil groove. Raised calibrations show 1⁄16 inches on one edge, millimeters on the other. Holes allow for storage in... More Info

Gallon Measurement Set

Regular Price: $41.99 Your Price: $37.79

This five-piece liquid measuring set is designed to resemble familiar household containers for easy recognition of common liquid capacities: a gallon, half-gallon, quart, pint and cup. Sturdy plastic... More Info

Wacky Math Comparisons 4 Book Set

Regular Price: $32.99 Your Price: $29.69

How many chipmunks does it take to reach the top of a giant redwood?  Wacky, measurable attributes with wild illustrations capture kids' attention and keep the learning fun with the Wacky Math... More Info

Dinosaur Bones Measuring Set

Regular Price: $56.99 Your Price: $51.29

Dinosaur bones will instantly appeal to all budding paleontologists! Use in sand, dirt, or water or as a table top activity. Bones are cast from a resin mix to look and feel real! The activity cards,... More Info

Measuring Worms

Regular Price: $18.79 Your Price: $16.91

Get a "feel" for early math skills with these colorful worms that make counting, sorting and measuring fun. Includes worms in six colors and four sizes (1", 2", 3" and 4") and activity guide. Set of... More Info

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Cut Once, Measure Twice  - Preschool Measurement Tools and Tips!

Children are quick to use measurement language as it relates to their activities and play. They compare their heights; argue over whose tower is taller, who has more cookies, and who's fastest. We learn to measure size, time, distance, weight, and capacity. Some children's picture books do a great job of exploring these concepts. Talk to your class about where the measuring tools should be kept. If they are interested in measuring the heights of their towers, put tape measures in the block area; if they want to compare the weight of 2 rocks, bring a balance scale outside. If you're teaching measurment in preschool, you should have these measuring tools on hand.

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