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Infant & Toddler Classroom Supplies

What do infants and toddlers need? What do you need as an infant and toddler caregiver? How can you have the best infant and toddler environment? Becker's collection of early childhood art supplies, infant and toddler furniture, and buggies and strollers for this age group has been carefully selected to reflect what we know about best practices for infants and toddlers. You can also find a large selection of preschool reading books, baby & toddler changing stations, fine motor toys, pretend play toys, musical instruments, sand and water toys, and so much more! Check out the Resources page on our website for a comprehensive list of products to set up your infant or toddler classroom or to enhance what you already have.

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MVP Kids Book Set, Toddlers

Regular Price: $55.99 Your Price: $50.39

PLEASE NOTE: This NEW product and associated products will ship the week of August 26 th . Pre-orders are welcome! All are welcome and celebrated in this delightful series of stories focusing on the... More Info


LX6 6 Passenger Stroller, Regatta

Regular Price: $819.99 Your Price: $737.99

Foundations® LX™ multi-child strollers are the only strollers designed with extra large seating areas and headroom to accommodate children up to 50 lbs. Heavy-duty steel frame is double walled in... More Info

LEGO® DUPLO® World People Set

Regular Price: $66.61 Your Price: $59.95

The LEGO® Duplo® World People Set is a powerful tool which encourages discussions about respecting similarities and differences among people. The set invites children to role play with four different... More Info


LEGO® DUPLO® Coding Express

Regular Price: $211.06 Your Price: $189.95

Coding Express is a creative, intuitive and versatile solution that introduces preschoolers to early coding concepts that naturally sparks their curiosity, creativity and desire to explore and learn... More Info


LEGO® DUPLO® Community People Set

Regular Price: $77.72 Your Price: $69.95

Encourage children to explore the world they live in through different people and occupations. As children role play and talk about each of the 20 unique characters in the set, they will learn... More Info


LEGO® DUPLO® Wild Animals Set

Regular Price: $99.94 Your Price: $89.95

Invite children to explore the world through animals and animal families and habitats. As children construct a home and setting for each animal, they will learn about what animals need to survive and... More Info


LEGO® DUPLO® Tubes Experiment Set

Regular Price: $144.39 Your Price: $129.95

Children love to find out how things work! With the DUPLO® Tubes Experiment Set, they’ll develop fine motor and problem-solving skills while discovering creative new ways to construct the tubes. The... More Info


LEGO® DUPLO® Large Farm Set

Regular Price: $181.06 Your Price: $162.95

What's life like on a farm? With the LEGO® DUPLO® Large Farm Set, you can explore together! The set invites children to construct and role play in this exciting world as they build their collaborative... More Info


LEGO® DUPLO® Multi Vehicles Set

Regular Price: $91.06 Your Price: $81.95

Explore the world through the power of creative play! By role playing both familiar and new exciting travel scenarios, children will learn about transportation, discover the importance of... More Info



Regular Price: $241.06 Your Price: $216.95

The LEGO® DUPLO® XL Bulk Set is a dream come true for children looking to explore their creative potential by building all sorts of environments and models. Features a new palette of colors and a... More Info


LEGO® DUPLO® Large Building Plates

Regular Price: $49.94 Your Price: $44.95

DUPLO® building plates provide the perfect foundation for learning through play. Compatible with all LEGO® DUPLO® based products. Includes 2 plates (one green and one red). 15" x 15". Ages 18 months+... More Info


Say Hello! Board Book

Regular Price: $8.79 Your Price: $7.91

Carmelita loves to greet everyone in her colorful neighborhood. There are people from so many different cultures! They all like to say hello too, so now Carmelita can say hello in Spanish, English,... More Info


Mini EduAminals & Block Set

Regular Price: $41.99 Your Price: $37.79

This Edublock and Animal Set include blocks and animals that fit together like duplo blocks. The difference is these are soft and flexible! Perfect pick for early development of language, cognition... More Info

Jungle Trail

Regular Price: $274.99 Your Price: $247.49

Inspired by a forest path, these logs are flat on one side and convex on the other to give children different walking challenges. Double-sided patterns provide sensory input to the feet. Logs can be... More Info


Giant Activity Rings

Regular Price: $73.99 Your Price: $66.59

These giant rings are great indoors and out for a range of individual and group activities. Roll them, sort by color and size, sort materials inside them, throw bean bags into them or use them in... More Info


Light 'n Go Ball Tower

Regular Price: $18.79 Your Price: $16.91

Highly entertaining, this ball ramp promotes visual tracking, eye-hand coordination and demonstrates cause and effect! The 6-tier tower comes in pieces that can be built up to 16" high. Includes two... More Info

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