The Fab 5's

​​Fab 5's

Top 5 lists for everything you might need on a moment’s notice - snack ideas, circle time songs, etc. The Becker’s team will post new lists each month. This month’s Fab 5’s are:

Outdoor Art

  1. 1 Build bird nests from mud and twigs.


  2. 2 Do tree rubbings.


  3. 3 Try watercolor painting at an outdoor easel.


  4. 4 Paint outdoor surfaces with rollers and water.


  5. 5 Check out our Outdoor Art Kit.



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Set Up a Juice Bar

  1. 1 Start by taste testing 5 juices.


  2. 2 Select the 2 favorites to sell.


  3. 3 Make Juice Bar signs.


  4. 4 Practice pouring and serving.


  5. 5 Open for Business!



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Spring Cleaning


  1. 1 Bring pails, water, and scrub brushes outdoors.


  2. 2 Set up a toy bath station.


  3. 3 Hand wash doll clothes and hang to dry.


  4. 4 Bring in feather dusters for shelves and window sills.


  5. 5 Collect toys and puzzles with missing parts and recycle into something new.


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