Wedgie Career People & Conversation Cards Set

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Updated for today's classroom, Wedgie Career People includes multicultural career figures representing a wide variety of jobs and non-traditional gender roles. Solid wood figures are printed on both sides. Becker's Conversation Cards provide support to improve your ECERS and CLASS performance. The cards build vocabulary, encourage children to use language, promote concept development, and higher-order thinking skills. Can be used with or without Wedgie Career Set. Full Spanish translation on the reverse side.
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ECERS-3: Blocks 3.1 - Enough blocks and accessories accessible for at least 2 children to build sizeable independent structures at the same time, for at least 25 minutes during the observation.

ECERS-3: Blocks 5.1 - Enough space, unit blocks, and accessories from 3 categories accessible for 3 or more children to build sizeable independent structures at the same time.

ECERS-3: Promoting acceptance of diversity 3.2 - Materials show diversity in a positive way.


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