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  • Wedgie Career People
  • Wedgie Career People
  • Wedgie Career People
  • Wedgie Career People
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Wedgie Career People

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Guess what's new in the neighborhood? The coolest and most diverse group of career and family figures just moved in! Chunky wood, freestanding figures. Set of 30 Wedgie Career People Figures. Figures are printed on both sides.

ECERS-3: Promoting acceptance of diversity 5.1 - At least 2 different types of dramatic play props representing different races or cultures are included for use in dramatic play.

ECERS-3: Blocks 3.1 - Enough blocks and accessories accessible for at least 2 children to build sizeable independent structures at the same time, for at least 25 minutes during the observation.

ECERS-3: Blocks 3.3 - Blocks and accessories are organized by type.

FCCERS-R: Promoting acceptance of diversity 5.2 - At least 4 examples of props representing various races/cultures accessible for use in dramatic play (Ex. dolls of different races; ethnic clothing; cooking and eating utensils from various cultural groups).

FCCERS-R: Blocks 3.2 - Some accessories for blocks accessible daily.

  1. Ages 2+
  2. Set of 30
  3. Tallest figure measures 5½" H
  4. Made of solid wood
  5. Educational Focus: Storytelling, dramatic play, fine motor skills and the variety of career options

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