TriGuard Personal Desk Barrier, Set of 10

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The Triguard Personal Desk Barrier is made from clear, lightweight PET-G material making it a sleeker, cost effective shielding solution. The Triguard is a single piece of PET-G designed to make one 90-degree bend at each side panel. The simple PVC bases allow for easy shield assembly while providing additional support. The included adhesive material on the bottom of the bases allow the unit to stay firmly on a desk or table.
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  1. Set of 10
  2. 22"W x 12¾"D x 23¾”H (Two 12¾” side panels, one 22” central panel)
  3. Fits desks 24”L x 12¾” W and larger
  4. Polyethylene terephthalate glycol material (PET-G)
  5. Easily cleans with all purpose cleaner and most disinfecting wipes

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