Rhino-Skin Ball Sets

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Rhino Skin Ball Sets are designed for dodgeball matches and other games in gym class or on the playground. These versatile foam balls are made with a tear-resistant exterior layer, meaning they can be used in a variety of ways on many different playing surfaces including gym floors, and sports fields. The lightweight design makes it easy for players of all ages to throw and catch.

ITERS-3: Gross motor 3.3 - Some appropriate materials and equipment, in good repair, used during observation, and non is extremely dangerous.

ITERS-3: Gross motor 5.3 - There are enough appropriate gross motor materials and equipment accessible to allow children to be active and involved.

ECERS-3: Gross motor equipment 5.1 - There is enough equipment (stationary and portable) to interest all of the children and keep them active and involved.

ECERS-3: Gross motor equipment 7.1 - Use of ample and varied equipment is observed, indoors or outdoors (Ex: no waiting to use popular equipment; climbers not crowded; enough balls; different skills encouraged by equipment).


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