Oball Roller™

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Two toys in one!  You can easily separate the ball from the roller and have a rattle ball for your non-walkers. As soon as baby is ready, press the ball back into the roller handle and it becomes a push toy.  Easy-to-grasp handle allows baby to focus on walking not grasping.   Large rattle ball inside an Oball™ makes fun sounds as it is rolled along. Makes walking fun and exciting for baby.

FCCERS-R: Active physical play 7.4 - Materials/equipment used daily stimulate a variety of large muscle skills (Ex. crawling, walking, balancing, climbing, ball play).

FCCERS-R: Active physical play 3.3 - Some appropriate materials/equipment suitable for each child in the group, including child with disabilities, if enrolled, used daily.

ITERS-3: Gross motor 7.4 - Materials used during observation stimulate a variety of developmentally appropriate large muscle skills (Ex. Reaching, kicking, crawling, pushing, walking, balancing, climbing, ball play).

ITERS-3: Gross motor 3.3 - Some appropriate materials and equipment, in good repair, used during observation, and non is extremely dangerous.


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