Mindfulness Monday: The Bat Pose

By Becker's

Monday is a great day to start the week mindfully and with purpose. Integrating some brief mindfulness into your student’s day or introducing light yoga routines at the beginning of the week, can help set a calm tone for the rest of the week.

With that said, we’re here to provide tips and inspiration to ease into your mindful Monday!

Do you know about the bat yoga pose?

Bat Pose yoga for preschoolers

Inversions like the "bat" pose are considered the king of yoga poses. They bring fresh blood to the heart and head and help boost mental function.

For extra fun, bats "sleep" during the day and "fly" at night so lights can be turned on while they sleep and turned off/dimmed while they fly.

Bari Koral’s Bats song featured on the Let’s Yoga Together CD is the PERFECT activity to go along with this pose. Just play the song and follow along. The song leads children to “sleep” upside down like a bat and then “fly” when night comes. Children love this song and really get into doing the bat pose. 

For a real mindfulness moment, follow the song with a few calm, slow breaths for a focused transition to your next activity.

Stay tuned for more yoga and mindful tips next week. Browse our Yoga and Mindfulness products for more inspiration