Spotlight on Mud Kitchens for Any Season — Even Winter!

By Liz Prior

By Liz Prior, The Learning Center

Mud Kitchens, also known as outdoor play kitchens, are all the rage in early childhood education these days and with good reason! Outdoor play is something that should never go away in the early learning setting.

In fact, every Early Childhood Learning Center should have at least one mud kitchen, like one of these mud mixing tables, in the outdoor play area. These mud tables give the children a chance to explore the environment around them using various mediums.

Among the many benefits, these mud kitchen tables allow children to use their creativity and develop positive social interactions. At our child care center, some of the children have been pretending to be chefs preparing gourmet meals and others have been architects and builders as they create houses for insects and fairies.

These mud tables are durable, functional, and have multiple uses. Made out of eucalyptus wood, Mud Kitchens are beautiful and they allow for more than one child to gather and create.

The Deluxe Mud Kitchen has shelves for storing various sand and water toys, as well as loose parts such as sticks, leaves, and rocks.

These outdoor play tables hold up really well in all the elements. They are great to use with mud, sand, water, and even snow!

While we primarily use these tables a lot during the summer for waterplay and to keep cool on hot days, they’re equally as fun to use outside in the snow. The children have a lot of fun collecting snow and packing the bowls.

These tables are a wonderful and safe addition to any early childhood setting.

preschool outdoor play in winter with mud kitchens

How do you use mud kitchens in any season?


Liz Prior is the Owner and Director of The Learning Center (TLC) in Lawrenceville, NJ. As a childcare professional for nearly 30 years, she has facilitated the opening of multiple child care centers nationally. A recipient of the NJ Statewide Coalition for Child Care Professional Development Award, Liz has also served on the board of local NAEYC groups and is a member of the Advisory Council for Becker School Supplies.

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