Becker’s Launches New SEL Curriculum

By Becker's

Becker’s launches INSTILL Social and Emotional (SEL) Curriculum in partnership with MVP Kids Media™ designed to promote children’s social and emotional learning for children ages two to six years old.

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The focus of this SEL Curriculum is to provide young children with the skills to understand and manage their emotions; respect themselves, others, and the environment; show compassion; have positive relationships, and make confident choices.

The INSTILL SEL Curriculum for preschool students aids teachers in laying a strong foundation for children’s social and emotional health by utilizing original music, creative art, movement, puppets, and pretend play designed to explore feelings and emotions, promote prosocial behavior, and reduce challenging behaviors. This multi-disciplinary approach creates strong habits that form long-term thought patterns, attitudes, and actions.

The SEL Curriculum program features comprehensive social emotional curriculum packages and supplemental social and emotional learning materials:

SEL Curriculum Packages - These curriculum packages have everything you need to implement a comprehensive social emotional curriculum in your early childhood classroom. Based on current research and best practices, the package includes easy-to-implement activities focused on the five core competencies: Self-Awareness, Responsible Decision-Making, Self- Management, Social Awareness, and Relationship Skills. Choose from the GOLD Package or the SILVER Package.

SEL Curriculum Preschool Book Set – The books introduce topics that build character and social emotional learning with easy to read rhyming text. Each book includes suggestions for teachers, parents, and caregivers to engage in meaningful conversations and reinforce the home school connection.

SEL Curriculum Toddler Book Set - All are welcome and celebrated in this delightful series of stories focusing on the common ground among us that builds strong bonds between friends, family, and others we see each day.

SEL Curriculum Notebook - The SEL Curriculum Notebook is an all-inclusive resource for social-emotional learning in the early childhood classroom. It includes an entire year's worth of lesson plans for teaching the 5 core SEL competencies: Self-Awareness, Responsible Decision-Making, Self-Management, Social Awareness, and Relationship Skills. Each lesson is easy to implement and includes learning goals, materials list, and detailed activity directions.

MVP Kids Puppet Sets – A diverse set of eight MVP Kids characters that range in ethnicity, family background, and ability.

SEL Classroom Tools – Durable, oversized emotion cards and problem-solving cards are used in a variety of curriculum activities. Eleven tracks of original music help children remember, practice, and integrate the SEL lessons into their daily activities. Values display and colorful positivity posters incorporate the program into the whole classroom.
If you’re looking to integrate social and emotional development activities into your early childhood classroom, start here!

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