5 Tips for Successful Home Teaching

By Leslie Eslinger

1.  Follow semi-normal morning routines!

a. Set an alarm

b.  Get dressed – ok you can relax on this one a bit. Wear your comfy clothes.

c.  Make your own breakfast which can be as easy as strategically adding blueberries to your pancakes.

child sitting at table with plate of food


2. Update your home décor with the trending Classroom Look!

a. Be creative here. Ask your child to describe what their classroom looks like and how to give your home that classroom feel. This might seem counter intuitive since we’re usually working hard to give our classrooms that “home-like” feel but that was yesterday and today is very different!

b. Find a temporary solution to showcase your children’s work (see https://www.organisedprettyhome.com/display-kids-artwork/ and other Pinterest ideas).


Home Teaching girl with gears   Handing art display at home


3. Maintain familiar school routines


a. Think about which activities from a school schedule can be done at home. Let your child tell you the sequence of the day. Don’t forget morning meeting to set the tone for the day!

b. Agree on classroom jobs as separate from home chores. Who prepares snack? Who is the time keeper for screen time? Etc.

Teacher and students doing yoga


4. Do a supply checklist

a. You probably have enough writing and art supplies to get you through more than a few days. Old magazines and greeting cards become collage materials, and half-used notebooks, paper pads and writing tools are probably lurking in every desk and junk drawer in your house. (That could be a fun treasure hunt in itself!)

5. Stay ahead of the curve (this curve only)

a. Children respond well to novelty. The brain is built to ignore the old and focus on the new. So when you’ve used up the last idea in your at home toolbox, it may be time to visit Becker’s Home Teaching Tools page to find some novel materials to add to your “classroom.”

b. If you can stay one step ahead of boredom setting in, you’re one step closer to success in your home teaching endeavor!


Child playing with Kodo Swiss Ramps

We'd love to hear about about your home teaching success! Many of our early childhood school supplies can be used in the home, too.