Soups On!


Large soup pot with vegetables for Soups on ActivityExcuse me waiter, “there’s a word in my soup.” Have fun finding letters in your soup with this Make and Take Eat activity. Mmmm, mmmm good!

Preschool, Kindergarten
Learning Domains:
Language Development; Science Knowledge
Materials Needed:
Your favorite chicken soup recipe (hold the chicken); add alphabet noodles or use recipe link below.
Set the Stage:
Introduce the concept of temperature differences. Some things are hot, some warm, and some cold. Let’s name foods that are cold. Let’s name foods that are warm or hot. Why do you think people like to eat ice cream in the summer? Can you name some foods that people eat in the winter?

Soup Recipe, click here
Alphabet Noodles, click here

  1. Prepare ingredients so that everyone can have a turn adding something. If your recipe calls for 2 quarts chicken broth, let children each pour in ¼ cup (that lets 8 children participate).
  2. Talk about the noodles before they get cooked. How do they feel? Do you think I can eat them now? How will they feel and look after they cook?
  3. While the soup’s cooking, teach the children this rhyme.

Eating Alphabet Soup will make you smart;
When the soup’s cool, you can start -

Scoop up a letter, say its name,
That’s how you play the Alphabet Game.

Slurp it up; let it slide down;
Now you can make the Letter Sound!

Mmm mmm good and Y for yummy
I love letters in my tummy!