One Fish Two Fish 

Let’s go fishing. With just one outing, you can practice eye hand coordination, fine motor skills and count your way to a fun time!

Learning Domains:
Mathematics Knowledge & Skills
Materials Needed:
Pretzel Rods
Fish-shaped crackers
Cream cheese (or peanut butter if there are no peanut allergies)
Plates (paper or plastic)
Have one pretzel rod for each child. Prepare plates with a handful of fish and a spoonful of cream cheese.
Tell the children that they're going on a fishing trip. You need to be quiet so you don't scare away the fish.
You need to be very patient.
Be gentle with your "rod" because if it breaks you won't be able to catch any more fish.
When you catch a fish, you can eat it by taking a bite from the top of the rod.

One Fish Two Fish Activity Image 1   One Fish Two Fish Activity Image 2  One Fish Two Fish Activity Image 3

Tell the children that they're going on a fishing trip.
Show the children how to put “bait” on their rod by dipping their “rod” into the cream cheese. Start fishing!​

Redip the pretzel stick into the “bait” and catch another one! Continue until the “rod” is gone!

Have a pail filled with numbers from 1 – 5. Each child picks a number and that’s the number of fish they can catch.

Vocabulary Boosters: Here are some new words and phrases to introduce during this activity.

  • Open (the box)
  • Close (the box)
  • Take off the lid
  • Look in the bottom
  • Vary the pictures: dog, cat, bunny, snowman, baby, girl, boy, etc. Also use photos of people they know!