My Recycled Blocks

Recycled Blocks Activity for Preschoolers


Learning Domains:
Approaches to Learning; Physical Well-Being and Motor Development
Materials Needed:
Empty tissue boxes - all shapes and sizes
Clear packing tape
Toddlers make their own building blocks using empty tissue boxes. Tissue boxes come in so many fun colors, prints, and sizes. Once you gather enough boxes, you’ll have a full set of lightweight blocks. Since empty tissue boxes are a renewable source, you don’t need to worry if they don’t last long. You can always make a new set!
Tell the toddlers that you’re going to work together to make blocks for using in the classroom. Everybody will have an important job. Show the toddlers how to crumble newspaper into a tight ball (start with ½ sheets of newspaper or newsprint paper). They can pass you the crumbled papers and you can stuff them into the open ends of the tissue boxes. The tighter they’re stuffed, the sturdier they’ll be. Place a single piece of wide mailing tape across the top. It’s just that simple!


Crumbled newspaper for My Recycled Blocks Activity Tissue box stuffed with crumbled newspaper for My Recycled Blocks Activity

 Stacks of tissue boxes for My Recycled Blocks Activity Stacks of tissue boxes with props for My Recycled Blocks Activity