Block Puzzle


When it comes to toddlers and blocks, it’s a fine balancing act. Toddlers will need time to explore blocks and will most likely throw a block here or there and knock a few block piles down! After the experimenting is done, try this more structured activity. 

Learning Domains:
Approaches to Learning; Physical Well-Being and Motor Development
Materials Needed:
Large newsprint paper or poster board
Different shape blocks (cardboard, foam or wood)

Make multiple block puzzles by tracing block shapes onto paper. For each puzzle, trace 3-5 block shapes onto newsprint or poster paper. Fill a container (basket, tub, box) with the blocks that match the traced shapes.

Invite one or two toddlers to do this activity.  Tell them it's the Block Puzzle Game.  They can take turns taking a block out of the container and placing it on the matching shape outline.
Take one block at a time and place it on the matching shape.
Let's see if we can fill up all the shapes with matching blocks.
When you finish the block puzzle, put the blocks back in the container.
Would you like to do another block puzzle?

Block Puzzle Activity Large Piece of Paper with Block Shapes Traced

Block Puzzle Activity Various size wood Blocks in Wicker Basket

Block Puzzle Activity Large Piece of Paper with Block Shapes Traced & Blocks on Top


The easiest version of this game is to use all the same shape and same size blocks so children are just learning to match one block to one shape. Add challenge by adding more shapes and sizes to the puzzle outline.
Vocabulary Boosters:

Here are some new words and phrases to introduce during this activity.
One at a time - this is a novel concept for toddlers.  Make sure they understand what "one at a time" means.
Square, Rectangle, Circle -Say the name of the block shapes as the toddlers pick them up.  "A square. You picked up a square block."
Big, Small, Long, Short, etc -Use size terms as they find different size blocks.