Our Muffin Shop


In Grandma’s Muffin Shop, everybody had a job to do. When you plan your classroom Muffin Shop, think of all the jobs that need to be done and have fun doing them!

Recommended Ages:


Domains or Early Learning Standards:

Creative Arts Expression; Language Development; Mathematics Knowledge & Skills

Materials Needed:

Muffin Tins

Cupcake liners

Play dough

Muffin toppings (small pom pons, beads, sequins)

Materials to make signs

Toy cash register

Activity: Ask the children if they’d like to set up a Muffin Shop similar to Grandma’s. What do they remember about Grandma’s shop? 

Cartoon bakers in muffin shop baking muffins

Where was the shop?
What jobs did the wolf do? What was Little Red Riding Hood’s job?
Who knew the secret ingredient for the recipe?
Look at the picture in the story that shows the Muffin Shop. Describe what you see.

Work on a plan for your classroom’s Muffin Shop. Show the children the supplies you have for making muffins and setting up the shop. Here are some activities you can include in your plans:

Remind the children that Grandma's Muffin business was successful because everyone worked together cooperatively!

Use the play dough to make muffins that fit inside the muffin tins
Decorate the muffin tops
Think of a name for your shop and make a sign
Make a sign to tell the customers how much the muffins cost
Display the muffins for the customers
Sell, sell, sell

Follow Up: Invite grandmoms, grandpops, or other family members to send in a muffin recipe. After managing the pretend muffin shop, children will be experienced enough to sell real muffins! Plan a day when you bake (or buy) muffins and sell them to the parents at drop-off time in the morning!