A Season to Remember


This activity is similar to the good ol’ fashioned party game where you try to remember everything you see on the tray. Try this preschool version.

Learning Domains:
Language Development; Approaches to Learning
Materials Needed:
Tray or shallow box
A collection of items that represent winter (see image below).
Cloth or towel large enough to cover tray.
Place items on the tray and cover with a cloth until you’re ready to play. The number of objects used at one time depends on the age group and abilities of the children.

Bring the tray of objects to group time. If you keep the tray covered, you’ll automatically have everyone’s attention due to intrigue! Explain that you have special objects on the tray that relate to winter. Some children might want to guess at this point. Show them all the objects and name them one at a time. Tell them to pay close attention because you’re going to cover the tray back up and take away one of the objects. When you reveal the objects again, see who can name what is missing. Repeat until children get the hang of the game.


 Season to Remember Literacy Activity tray covered with fabric  Season to Remember Literacy Activity tray with snowman Season to Remember Literacy Activity tray with one item missing


Season to Remember Literacy Activity tray with sunglasses addedVariations: Add one item that represents a different season. See if they can name the one item that does not belong. Or add any ​Item that was not there originally.


Vocabulary Boosters: Here are some new words and phrases to introduce during this activity.

Tray – What is a tray? Have you seen trays anywhere else?
Missing (What’s missing?)
Hidden (What’s hidden under then cloth?)
Under (What do you think is under this cloth?)
Add more words based on the objects you have on your tray.